Saturday, April 17, 2010

Why Dance Matters

"Why Dance Matters is a virtual event that rallies the dance community on Facebook and beyond." Nichelle Strzepek of Dance Advantage gives us the opportunity to "affirm the impact dance has on the lives of individuals and communities." The event will be held between Arts Advocacy Day (April 12) and the close of National Dance Week (May 2). Learn how you can participate in Why Dance Matters...

Why Dance Matters to me...

As a child, dance taught me what is was like to be passionate about something. It gave me confidence and joy... It brought me closer to my soul. As I grew, I learned how dance became an outlet, my stress reliever. When I danced I thought of nothing else... It brought me closer to my soul. As a young adult, I started appreciating dance as an art form. My desire to perform grew stronger, sharing my gift made me happy... It brought me closer to my soul. At this stage in my life I am an instructor and studio owner. I can't imagine my life with out dance or the ability to pass my love onto others. To dance is to be free... It brings us closer to our souls.

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