Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Around the Town Dance

After a year or so of traveling to students homes that were unable to attend classes at the studio, I decided to offer my services publicly and expand on my traveling dance teacher business. The first thing you need is a catchy name, right? After a nice lunch with my pals at this years Dance Teacher Summit, Maria of Maria's Movers came up with the name Around the Town Dance, knowing I like to stick with the Uptown theme. Perfect I said!! and so it began...

What is Around The Town Dance?

It is a service Uptown Dance offers for those who are in need of a

Traveling Dance Teacher.

Why would someone need a Traveling Dance Teacher?

For many reasons!

~ The convenience of lessons in your home

~ Birthday Parties custom to your needs

~ A Dance Tudor providing extra help away from the studio

~ A Master Teacher providing that specialty class that your facility does not offer

Where Does Around The Town Dance travel to?

In an effort to keep this experience affordable, we prefer to travel to surrounding towns such as Nutley, Bloomfield, Clifton, Passaic, Newark, Lyndhurst, Rutherford, and North Arlington. If you are not in one of these towns, don’t worry, we would be happy to speak with you and see if Around The Town Dance can make arrangements to come see you!

This sounds like it may be something I can not afford, like the luxury of a personal trainer that only celebrities would have come to their home.

Even though our very first clients were Jason Kidd’s daughters, we do not just cater to celebrities or the wealthy. We keep Around The Town Dance available to anyone who is in need with our affordable packages.

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Below is an example of our latest client, a Uptown Dance student who had a Luau Birthday party in her back yard and wanted her friends to learn the Hula. Thanks Lexi!! Your party was a blast, hope you and your friends had fun too and thanks for having Around the Town Dance there with you to celebrate.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Dance Teacher Summit 2010 NYC

This year I was fortunate enough to attend more than just the Gala. I must say that spending time at the Summit truly motivates you to become a better dance teacher and studio owner..."unite, share, inspire" really just sums it all up. Also, I got to see some of my online dance buds, some of us meeting for the very first time.

Day one was pretty hectic, time went by so quickly and everyone was buzzing around to get to classes and seminars and the opening of the exhibits. I arrived early to register and then viewed Sheila Barker's Jazz class. Next I was off to my friend Suzanne Gerety's Social Media 101 Seminar. It was great to see Suzanne and Kathy again, I couldn't believe a whole year had past. Thankfully our tweets and contact on Dance Studio Owner keep us close. As the seminar began I noticed a wave from Maria of Maria's Movers. This was our first meeting, but I felt like I knew her already from our tweets and online chats. After Suzanne's Seminar, which reassured the room why Social Media is right for their studio, I finally met Nichelle from Dance Advantage. This meeting was long over due because I have been in contact with Nichelle for about two years online, she has helped me a lot with her awesome blog and actually inspired me to start my own. This is a picture of Nichelle and I at the Gala. So great to have met you face to face!

Next was the Studio Owner round table. Here is where studio owners get to chat about areas of concern that come with running and owning your own dance studio. I received a lot of helpful tips and new ideas by talking to the ladies at my table. Afterwards I had a nice lunch with Suzanne, Maria and Lori.

Shortly after lunch my girls from Uptown arrived for the
opening of the exhibits. I really loved walking around and talking to everyone at the booths. I got to meet Jose from Backdrops Beautiful and saw Chad from Real Deal Dance Marketing. I caught up with Nichelle and Suzanne again, filled my goody bag with more goodies, and got some great info! If you know me, you know I could not leave with out buying something, so I chose my favorite vendor...Sugar and Bruno and got two super cute roomy t-shirts for my growing belly. Perfect for when I go back to teaching in September.

Wednesday evening was the Gala, the final event for the Summit. Carl and I went into the city together and had a nice dinner before meeting up with friends. The Gala includes the Dance Teacher Awards, The A.C.E award competition winners, celebrity hosts and some of the best dance companies in the world. I made a video of the nights performances and a photo montage of my experience. I think you will get a better feel for the Summit through these videos. Hope you enjoy and thanks for reading. If you do not already attend the yearly Dance Teacher Summit, its something you should really consider... "unite, share, inspire" and start your new season of dance off right!