Monday, March 5, 2012

Two Exciting Contests!

We are happy to announce that it's contest time.

The first contest is for currents students and is running from February 15th-March 15th. There is still plenty of time to get in on this one. Current students are able to bring a friend to class with them for FREE! If that friend happens to register, the current student's name gets put in a raffle to win April's tuition! Also, the student that brings in the most friends during this time, regardless of signing up, will receive a special prize.

The second contest is for those who have not been a student at Uptown. We are asking for the communities help to "Nominate a Dancer" to receive an entire year of dance lessons. The entree should be in letter form and submitted to Uptown Dance by June 30th. Make sure you include why this child deserves to receive the lessons, and let us know the potential students situation. We are hoping to give back in a way were a child is able to experience dance next season where as he/she may not have been able to due to circumstances out of their control, such as financial means, etc.

Both contest are pretty simple, but feel free to check with us for full rules and regulations. Also, check out February's newsletter bellow. We had a visit from a well know casting director. See pictures bellow.