Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Student Spotlight

We would like to announce a new feature to our blog... The Student Spotlight. Each month we will highlight a special student...The Student of the Month. We will also recognize other achievements in dance from our students in this section.

To apply for student of the month you and/or a member of your family must apply on our members only, private site, (please ask your parents/guardians permission before joining our website.) We are looking for students who are dedicated to dance, have good attendance, participate with enthusiasm, work well with their other classmates, keep the classroom a positive environment, and show progress in their classes. Applying is simple, just message Miss Leslea on The Uptown Connection (you must be a member first and don't worry, its FREE) and tell her why you or your child/family member should be The Student of the Month.

If you are not a student at Uptown Dance, don't worry. There is a similar opportunity for you on New Jersey You may apply to be Dancer of the Month! This contest is open to anyone involved in the dance field in NJ. Simply message "LesleaC" the founder of NJDancers with why you should be Dancer of the Month. Tell her about your achievements or goals or any dance related awesomeness =)

We are looking forward to your participation!

Congratulations to Uptown's first Student of the Month... August's Ashley V.