Sunday, August 10, 2008

Our First Post

Hello Everyone! I wanted to take the time to introduce Uptown Dance and fill you all in on why we decided to Blog. Not many dance studios in our area use the Internet to their advantage. We feel it can be very beneficial since the majority of our clientele (the younger generations) are constantly on the Internet. We recently obtained and are anxiously waiting for it to launch. We also are on Twitter which is lots of fun, its a quick way to inform your followers "what you're doing now". We have our account linked to our myspace ( which allows students who are our myspace friends to see our tweets(updates). I must mention that i met an awesome person through Twitter who has been our main motivation for taking the time to finally create a BLOG. Her name is Nichelle Strzepek and she is the author of Dance Advantage ( We were excited to be invited to participate in her Teach-A-Thon (pictured below), and now we are able to do so. Thanks Nichelle =)


Graziella Baratta said...

Miss Leslea, You are an intelligent and talented woman! It's no surprise that you are using the internet to your advantage and are one of the pioneer dance studios to take their business to the "next level" to really connect with their students! I wish you much continued success, and look forward to all of your posts!

Graziella Baratta
Ms. United States 2008

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the shout out! I know you'll find lots of uses for this technology. Best wishes!