Monday, July 20, 2009

We're Back!!

Hey there!! Did ya miss us?? As I explained in my last post, there was not much down time for me this year. There are several months of happenings I need to catch you up with. I'm looking forward to posting, tweeting and updating you all again. There is so much I would like to share with you, this will be the first of many post this summer.

Of course my first few weeks of vacation are all about renewing my spirit. This year, as always, I took a trip to the Caribbean the week after the recital. I spent a well deserved (yup I said it, I deserve it) week in Antigua with my love. Now its back to work, not officially since we decided to close completely this summer. What i mean by "work" is... Last year I started what I hope to be another yearly ritual of mine, I hope to use the summer to brainstorm about ways to make the upcoming season even better. I'm sure most dance teachers and studio owners do this regardless on some level. I intend however to be rather aggressive with this work.

I do a lot of online Networking with sites such as... (meeting/recruiting local teachers and fellow dancers)
~or~ (chatting with other teachers in the forum, sharing ideas, getting valuable information from Pros)
Simply posting on twitter or in this blog to keep my thoughts together and focused.

Last year this method was very successful for us. I'm in the process of visualizing and manifesting yet another year of excellence for Uptown, we will except nothing less =)

Stay tuned for Rehearsal, Recital, and Uptown Entertainment posts as well as my progress with this years improvements for a season that will begin before we know it.

Peace, Love, & Dance
~Miss Leslea

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Jason said...

Glad you're back! Hope you come up w/ some amazing new ideas and share them with us!